Instead of nothing
there is All that Is.
All is
In()stead of Nothing(ness).
And this is all that is
Here, one thing led to another
and Something happened
(Nothing happened)
Everything happens, including this.
*instead of nothing (*en lugar de nada) is an autobiographical essay, an exploration of error and chance through what the director considers her parents’ biggest mistake, in search of forgiveness and an underlying innocence. This return to the past encounters an impossibility: the present imposes itself with every gesture, voicing a loud reply to the existential questions that surface from the power play that pulses through the entire family in a system of victims and executioners.

I come from a clay desert, a white marble’s rubble landscape and a fruit tree field.

Art came through the relationship with my beloved ones, collaborating in deejing projects, performance, postpornography, video art and queer-feminist ‘artivism’ practices.

Besides my audiovisual education, I’ve experimented with groupal process mediation, meditation and ancestral medicines.

This is my first film. If others will come, I don’t know.